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Residential and Commercial Concrete Footing Installation in Salt Lake City

Concrete footings are the building blocks of most structures in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction handles the installation of quality concrete footings for Salt Lake City residential and commercial property owners, excelling at ensuring sturdy building construction and foundations.

Footing placement is crucial for the finished structure’s integrity, especially in locations with unique soil consistencies. The right placement of the footings can offer proper support to both the foundation and building structure.

The size of the footing placement is essential because it determines the amount of cement needed to make the footing. To determine the appropriate size concrete footing, we look at the type and size of the property and the soil’s bearing capacity. Massive houses or commercial establishments require footings that are at least 2 feet wide. 

On the other hand, the lightest structures on the most hardened soil need footings as narrow as 7 or 8 inches. These figures can change, depending on the dead and live loads on floors and roofs, as well as the weight of building materials. 

When the Dumas team studies building sites in Salt Lake City, we assess the necessary dimensions and depth of each footing before beginning work, ensuring the foundation will have the necessary strength for whatever type of structure it will support — single-family home, large commercial property or any building sizes in between. It is a wise decision to depend on a concrete footing construction team with a specialized understanding of the Utah region.

Residential Concrete Footings in SLC

Whether you want to put an addition onto your current dwelling or build a custom home from the ground up, the footings construction crew has the capability to execute the preliminary setup for a sturdy foundation. Footings are the initial building blocks which lead to the completed project: a gorgeous Utah home or addition.

Laying precise footings requires an in-depth knowledge of the soil consistency. Certain soils bear weight more efficiently than others. Installing improper footings can lead to devastating shifting or cracking after a new construction settles. Not only does the actual footing require plenty of preparation and planning, the site itself must be excavated correctly, and the correct building permits must be obtained prior to groundbreaking. Trust no team other than the crew at Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction to guide you through the initial, exciting stages of home construction and complete expert footing installation, certain to provide superior home support for decades to come.

Commercial Concrete Footings in SLC

Commercial buildings are significantly larger and heavier than a typical Utah home, and they may require more support in one area of the layout than another, especially if they present unique foundation shapes. Can Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction install commercial concrete footings at the same expert level as we do for residential services? The answer is decidedly yes. The team has been delivering top-notch results for Utah business owners for years and is excited to conquer new challenges on a daily basis.

Certain factors can affect the cost of concrete footings. These include:

1 Soil Type — Weak soil demands wider footings, which translate to a higher footing cost. You can determine the type of soil you have by doing a soil test.

2 Property Type — The type of residential or commercial structure you are building will affect the width, type and number of footings used. A three-story building, for instance, will exert more pressure on the soil than a single-story structure.

3 Building Codes — Codes in some areas require more substantial footings than others, which can affect the cost of the project.

4 Climate — Environment also affects footing cost. Concrete wears down more quickly in hotter climates, so your concrete may be more expensive due to the treatments or preservatives the material needs. 

Fast Completion of Concrete Footing 

When we build the concrete footings for your property in Salt Lake City, we work quickly. We have the tools, resources and contractors for preparing the site and pouring the concrete more efficiently than our competitors.

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