Concrete Retaining Walls

The level of expertise held by our trained, experienced concrete workers at Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction allows us to handle each step of the installation or repair process with skill and efficiency. Our team knows a retaining wall’s integrity begins with accurate planning and form construction. Any variation from the blueprint or crack in the surface can threaten wall security and safety, not to mention mar its appearance as well. Don’t settle for less — hire a company with superior proficiency and a wide range of experience like Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction in Utah.

Residential Concrete Retaining Walls

With years of serving Utah homeowners with high-quality, lasting residential concrete retaining wall installation, our company understands homeowners’ priorities. Incorporating an attractive design while ensuring stability and affordability guarantees customer satisfaction for many seasons to come.

Homeowners may require a retaining wall to control a sloped hillside negatively affected by rainwater. Retaining walls are ideal for landscapes needing stormwater flow direction. The Jeff Dumas team constructs specialized draining systems to ensure the lawn, driveway, patio or pool decks stay dry where needed and receive adequate moisture where necessary. Whether the project is intended as a curb appeal touch-up or a reworking of the area’s landscape drainage system, Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction engineers individual concrete retaining walls for each homeowner’s needs.

Commercial Concrete Retaining Walls

Utah commercial properties, both small and corporate-sized businesses, require specialized concrete retaining walls for proper exterior drainage and landscape maintenance. First, our team visits the site and measures the slope and distance. We explain in detail how our recommended wall placement will benefit the area, quoting a price before work begins.

Utah business owners understand the importance of working with a contractor with up-to-date insurance and references to back up their claims. The company fully insures all vehicles, workers and drivers and can procure proof of business license and insurance when needed. Business owners need never worry about the condition of the finished product — our team leaves the site looking better than when we arrived.

Trust Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction for adept retaining wall construction throughout Utah, and transform your home or business property into the envy of the neighborhood.

If you have any questions about our quality concrete services, contact us or directly reach out to us.