Concrete Foundations for Homes and Businesses in Salt Lake City

Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction specializes in pouring quality concrete foundations for Salt Lake City residential and commercial clients.

From start to the final stage of setting, our crew in Salt Lake City works with clients to ensure all aspects of their foundation plan are carried out to the letter, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the job size, all clients receive the highest-quality product through our personalized approach.

Residential Concrete Foundations in SLC

Perhaps you are still at the planning stages of constructing your dream home, but you are ready to find a contractor in Salt Lake City you trust with concrete foundation construction. The foundation is the key to the stability of the rest of your home – an improperly laid foundation will result in complex, frustrating and expensive issues for homeowners. It is not only imperative for a skilled contractor to know how to pour a concrete foundation correctly, but to know the common pitfalls facing the industry and how to avoid them.

Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction knows the exact particulars of what makes a concrete mix the strongest – it takes a precise mixture of components and an in-depth study of the surrounding climate to understand how the wet concrete will behave. The exact composition of the region’s soil is also important to know. After years of expertly laying foundations for Utah residences, the Jeff Dumas team has the highest level of confidence in our approach to building residential concrete foundations and are certain we can deliver a finished project fit to build a long-lasting home upon.

Commercial Concrete Foundations in SLC

Commercial properties in Utah, especially those in Salt Lake City, may have specific considerations for concrete foundation construction. Perhaps the building plan requires a uniquely shaped or sized foundation wall. Trust Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction with the project and never experience disappointment in the outcome – we complete the work correctly the first time.

We do not expect a signed contract before we deliver a detailed, accurate quote. We use the latest modern equipment to ensure proper orientation and layout and rely on their skills and expertise to deliver smooth, uniform concrete surfaces. Providing a business license, proof of insurance and references, their company excels in building client confidence. Our belief in our abilities is confirmed once the final product is delivered, producing client satisfaction time and again.

Types of Concrete Foundations

Since the type of concrete foundation you choose plays a role in the cost of your project, it’s a good idea to consider your options. These include:

  • Slab-on-Grade Foundation — This setup entails pouring the concrete foundation slab directly into the ground. Workers make the edges of the slab significantly thicker to serve as a solid support base for the structure. The slab-on-grade foundation is ideal in locations with dry and warm climates. What’s great about this option is that it’s affordable and extremely stable. It’s also less susceptible to certain types of environmental damage, including termite infestation.
  • Raft Foundation — This foundation employs a base slab that supports the weight of the entire dwelling. It’s suitable for sites that have a poor-quality soil, along with areas with unknown sub-soil water issues, as the concrete mat is easy to waterproof.
  • T-Shaped Foundation — This setup has spread footing foundations, which are wider at their bases. It provides more stability and helps allocate the weight of the foundation wall more effectively. T-shaped foundations are ideal for use in cold areas and regions where the soil is likely to freeze during winter. They’re also suitable for homes and commercial establishments where the condition of the soil is in the moderate-to-good range.

The Jeff Dumas Concrete Construction Difference

You can count on us to complete your project efficiently and within budget. What gives us an edge over other competitors in Salt Lake City when it comes to concrete foundation construction is our ability to finish the work quickly. We use cranes and specially designed lift systems to complete jobs in a shorter time frame.    

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